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26-30 September 2009  |  Les Diablerets  |  Switzerland
It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the MiMage final meeting 2009, "Mitochondria in ageing and age-related disease". MiMage (Role of Mitochondria in Conserved Mechanisms of Ageing) is an Integrated Project of the Sixth EU Framework Programme dealing with the role of mitochondrial function in ageing and lifespan control of biological systems.

At the meeting, held from 26 to 30 September 2009 in Les Diablerets, partners from the MiMage consortium as well as renowned external speakers from the field of mitochondrial biology will present new achievements and developments with special emphasis on ageing and age-related diseases.

We will be proud to welcome you at this final MiMage congress in Les Diablerets.

Best wishes, the organising committee:

Heinz D. Osiewacz - Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn - Michael Breitenbach - Tinna Stevnsner - Jacques Vanfleteren

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Andrea Hamann ♦ Tel: +49 69 798-29548 ♦ E-mail: admin [at] mimage [dot] org

Confirmed external speakers
D. Bogenhagen ♦ M. Brand ♦ A. Bürkle ♦ B. Friguet ♦ J. Haendeler ♦ S. Hekimi ♦ M. Jazwinski ♦ T. Johnson ♦ L. Kaguni ♦ T. Kirkwood ♦ T. Langer ♦ R. Levine ♦ C. Meisinger ♦ T. Prolla ♦ A. Reichert ♦ D. Turnbull ♦ T. v. Zglinicki ♦ D. Wallace
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